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Voltage Testing

Medium & High Voltage Testing

M. Scher offers 24/7 emergency fault finding services, high potential voltage testing services, potential ground system voltage testing, and protective calibration and voltage testing expertise. Our field technicians are experts at swiftly identifying faults in any transmissions line system or power grid. Our emergency services utilize state of the art equipment and experienced field techs to identify interruptions, predict cause and effect, pinpoint the most economical and effective resolutions for restoring functionality and service.

Protective Calibration and Voltage Testing


Protective Calibration Services can insure your expensive infrastructure is maintained and safe guarded against challenges such as insulation deterioration, caused by loading cycles which transmission lines undergo during their lifetimes. As time passes cable insulation weakens, which increases the potential for a line fault. With proper preventative maintenance and calibration testing M. Scher can drastically increase the half-life of transmissions lines prolonging their service life significantly. If cables are maintained properly, the debilitating process can be prolonged in terms of decades and possibly even circumvented for longer periods. If and when a fault occurs, however, our Emergency Fault Finding Services are here to identify the interruption and implement a timely resolution.

Ground System Voltage Testing Services
M. Scher over engineers installations far in excess of the minimum requirements set forth by the National Electrical Code. We stress the importance of properly testing lines and grounding systems to insure that they exceed satisfactory compliance levels. Our primary goal is to eliminate the possibility of potential hot spots or high resistance components in the system. A quality low resistance grounding system enhances safety, reduces standalone and networked systems noise and protects from lightning and potentially hazardous voltage surges.


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