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Medium & High Voltage Cable Installation

Medium & High Voltage Cable Installation

M. Scher has been providing low, medium and high voltage cable installation since its conception. We employ state of the art assets, specialized hydraulic underground cable pulling trucks and equipment, hydraulically fed reel trailers and hydraulic equipped support trucks to insure operational superiority. M. Scher out shines our competitors in safe, OSHA compliant underground high voltage cable installation and our experts have implemented hundreds of underground cabling solutions for state and government municipalities. At M. Scher our underground transmission cables and accessories are reliable and environmentally sound to meet the needs of current and future utility transmission systems. They exceed the requirements of our customers’ technical specifications while meeting international standards like IEC 60840, IEC 60287, IEC 62067, ICEA S-108-720 and AEIC CS9.

Additional Options

We also specialize in Direct Buried, Through Lines, Cable Tunnels and Gas Insulated Lines (GIL). M. Scher understands the importance of eliminating electrical fields and minimizing the magnetic fields of underground cables and we utilize a combination of techniques to include insulation, protective barriers, and placement depth to counteract any undesired factors.

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